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Schelstraete Lawyers is a midsize law firm, founded in the Netherlands in 1989, and has more than 30 years of experience in the fields of Business, Contracting, Art, Equine law and Litigation at an International level.

Schelstraete has its head office in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (located in Noord-Brabant, the most equine region in The Netherlands) nearby the Belgium and German border. At its meeting room in the heart of Amsterdam at the Herengracht Schelstraete provides its legal services to many foreign clients.

Luc Schelstraete
In his legal practice, Luc Schelstraete is primarily active in the field of International Equine Law. Within the International Equine Law practice, Luc Schelstraete provides services to Dutch yet often also foreign equine businesses, riders, horse owners and equine authorities....
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Vincent Zitman
Vincent Zitman studied Dutch law at the University of Tilburg. In 2007 he obtained his Master’s degree and was hired by Schelstraete c.s. Advocaten. In August 2010 Vincent completed his internship and has been working in the field of Liability Law...
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Piotr Wawrzyniak
Piotr studied Law at the Adam Mickiewicz university in Poznan, Poland, from which he holds a master’s degree in Polish Law. He also studied at the Mannheim University in Germany and the Tilburg University and the University of Amsterdam...
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Rudolf Kaarsemaker
Over 30 years as tax adviser, experience gained at a big-four company, as partner in a regional accountants- and tax consultancy firm and presently over fifteen years active as an independent tax adviser. In the nineties, Rudolf has been responsible for tax-advice to the Dutch Olympic Committee, many athletes, sports unions and -federations and sponsors. Since, Rudolf further specialized in international tax law and equestrian sports, in which VAT takes a prominent place.
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Amanda Brouwers
Amanda Brouwers graduated from Tilburg University (2013) where she obtained two master’s degrees: ‘International Business Law’ and ‘Private Law’. Shortly afterwards, she has done the attorney’s oath and became a lawyer. Since August 2016, she has been working at Schelstraete C.S., where she is involved in employment law (also in the equestrian sector): due to her knowledge and commitment, these cases often end before legal proceedings are initiated.
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Our head office is located in ‘s-Hertogenbosch in the south of The Netherlands nearby the Belgium and German boarder. In Amsterdam you can find us our meeting room in the heart of Amsterdam at the Herengracht.


The midsize law firm Schelstraete, founded in the Netherlands in 1989, has more than 30 years of experience in the fields of Business, Contracting, Art, Equine and Litigation at an International level.

Several references of Schelstraete in 2020


Schelstraete Law Firm solves legal dispute for a Mexican showjumper regarding income tax and social security

Schelstraete Law Firm represented a Mexican show jumper who was employed by a Dutch yard. We have successfully collected an amount of Eur 10,000 salary claim.

Schelstraete Law Firm wins court procedure for a Columbian show jumper

The counterparty – a Dutch horse trader – claimed a right of retention on the horse. The District Court of Gelderland refused this claim; the horse trader was convicted to pay damages to our client and to release the horse immediately under penalty of €500 a day.

 Source: ECLI:NL:RBGEL:2020:2264

• Schelstraete Law Firm wins court procedure against a Mexican show jumper and horse trader

The counterparty claimed substantial amounts from our client: € 175.000. According to the counterparty our client sold horses in his assignment without his permission and did not pay him the full purchase prices.  Our client was accused of theft by the counterparty as well. All counterparties’ claims were dismissed by the District Court of Breda; counterparties’ story was vague and claims were not sufficiently substantiated.  

• Schelstraete Law Firm also wins appeal procedure on alleged neurectomy surgery

Schelstraete Law Firm won a case in first instance as well as in appeal about an alleged neurectomy performed on a horse. Schelstraete Law Firm represented a Dutch seller of the horse. Based on the arguments of Schelstraete Law Firm, the Court of Appeal judged that the British buyer insufficiently proved that a neurectomy was performed, let alone before the delivery of the horse to the buyer. The buyer was convicted to pay the legal costs of the seller in first instance and in appeal.

Source: ECLI:NL:GHSHE:2020:1735

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