Contract law

We provide support to our clients in their commercial transactions. In its work involving formulating, advising and negotiating contracts and general terms and conditions, Schelstraete Equine Law’s primary focus lies on pro-actively preventing disputes. This is possible by making legally airtight agreements beforehand. If a dispute has already risen between parties, we can help you find a solution. We can evaluate and amend existing agreements, for example within the context of a legal audit to be conducted, and adapt them to changes occurring in legislation or the circumstances. We have extensive litigation experience, ensuring that we can promote your interests in the best possible way in solving disputes which have arisen and in which legal proceedings have become unavoidable. Thanks to our intensive cooperation with clients and their business associates, as well as partnerships with international law firms, we are extremely well-versed in the business practices customary in a variety of countries, and the differences in the legal environments in these countries. We have thorough knowledge of international contract matters, and this applies in particular to the fields of company law and equine law. We are particularly at home in the European and American markets.