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Swedish Warmblood Will Not Register ICSI/OPU Foals as of 2025

From 1 March 2025, it will no longer be possible to register foals conceived via OPU/ICSI with the SWB now that this procedure has been banned in Sweden. When will this rule take effect? What consequences will it have? And will other countries also introduce these regulations? And how will this affect foals born via OPU/ICSI after 1 March 2025? Read about it in the description of this post!


The Swedish Warmblood Association announced on 25 March 2024 that from 1 March 2025 it will no longer be possible to register offspring resulting from OPU/ICSI reproductive techniques in the Swedish studbook. This is a result of the banned procedure in Sweden.

The decision takes effect from 3 March 2025, which means that foals born in 2024 by means of the OPU/ICSI technique are not covered.


Breeders will still be allowed to use other methods such as ET (Embryo Transfer). The fact that the decision was taken in accordance with Sweden’s Animal Welfare Act suggests that there are concerns about the welfare of the animals involved in these reproduction techniques. OPU is an invasive treatment for a mare which is not entirely without risks. Regulations on fertility techniques vary from country to country.


Sweden has taken a firm stance on OPU/ICSI. This may lead to further discussion and debate about animal welfare in breeding practices and possibly more regulations in this area. If other countries or studbooks take similar decisions, this could lead to a wider trend of restrictions on the use of certain reproductive techniques in breeding. How this will develop in other countries in Europe is still unclear.


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