The next MET Tour (III) has been cancelled

Yesterday the last day of the MET Tour II in Oliva Nova ended, the first week of the next Tour (III) has been cancelled due to the Rhinopneumonia virus (EHV-1) circulating. The MET Tour has not yet officially announced the cancellation of the first week of MET Tour III. The show has not been cancelled on the FEI calendar yet either. The competition site in Oliva Nova is less than 100 kilometres away from the competition site in Valencia. Several riders have traveled to Oliva with their horses before the competition in Valencia was closed. Lexi Stais, who competed in Valencia and saw the effects of the virus, told World of Showjumping: “I think the best thing to do is to stop all the competitions, lock the place up and test all the horses.” Melvin Greveling, who is still in Valencia with twelve horses, also told Horses.nl: “I don’t understand people who still take their horses to Spain.”

Source Horses.nl / World of Showjumping

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