Client of Schelstraete Equine Lawyers defended successfully against a request for an expert opinion

The client of Schelstraete Equine Lawyers (SEL) sold a horse. After six months the Seller took the view the horse wasn’t what she expected because of an inflammation in its back and bad behavior.

The client of SEL refused to pay back the purchase price and refused to pay for the alleged damages suffered by the Seller because there was nothing wrong with the horse when the client sold the horse to the Seller. In view of this the Seller requested the Court for an expert opinion to ensure the horse was suffering due to the aforementioned medical defects at the time the Seller bought the horse from the client. More specific the Seller requested the Court to appoint a farrier as expert.

SEL convinced the Court to refuse the request of the Seller. The Court stated that there wasn’t enough information to prove the condition of the horse at the time the Seller bought the horse. So a medical research from an expert wasn’t of importance because the expert wouldn’t be able to compare the condition of the horse at the time of the sale and purchase with the condition of the horse at this time.

The Court refused the request of the Seller due to lack of interest and agreed with the statement of the client of SEL.

The client of SEL was represented by Mr. Luc Schelstraete and Ms. Joëlle Bongers.

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