When things go wrong and your rider takes off with your horses…

In this edition of Horse International we would like to discuss a recent case that was dealt with by Schelstraete Equine Lawyers (Schelstraete) and decided by the Court of Appeal in Arnhem, the Netherlands in favour of the client of Schelstraete. The plot of this case revolves around a relation between three gentlemen from the Middle-East who via the UK ended up in an long-lasting litigation in the Netherlands. The characters are: the prince (a well-respected member of one of the ruling families in the Middle-East) owning an equestrian facility near London, his son (owner of the horses) and a jumping rider from the same country in the Middle-East who worked for the prince and competed the horses of the son. In the article below we will discuss the case and will give you some recommendations on how to avoid similar problems as in the case at hand.

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