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UCI World Championship E-Sports

Today the UCI cycling world championship will be held on Zwift (E-sports)! A big step in the digital world!

Is this World Cup race more fraud sensitive than a real-life competition? Zwift has tried to lower the chance to the minimum, for example:

  • Mandatory ‘digital’ clothing;
  • Everyone can choose their own bike (its effects are disabled);
  • No Zwift Concept Bikes are allowed, like the Tron Bike (for a fraud at this point see my Instapost on the announcement of this event and Cam Jeffers;
  • Everyone uses the same prescribed bike trainer (Tacx Neo 2).

When it comes to women participation, major names are presenting themselves at the start line; including Annemiek van Vleuten & Anna Van den Breggen. Will Anna Van den Breggen be the first woman to obtain the real-life world title and the E-sports world title? Or will Annemiek van Vleuten take the lead and will once again be an official world champion?

It can get a very exciting race because digital racing is different from real-life …

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