Micky Schelstraete Wins the Junior Class at the Bonfix Competition!

Micky Schelstraete managed to win the Junior category at the Bonfix Competition in Wezep, with Grand Charmeur (v. Apache). She has received 72,677% which was 3.5% more than the second place.

Micky has been recently training at home. “The test went very well, I haven’t competed with Grand Charmeur for a while. We had one lesson with Emmelie (Scholtens, red.) and that went very well. We will be going there more often in the coming future” she commented.

Micky thinks that some parts can be improved, however, overall she’s satisfied with the test. “I think the trot and canter parts were the best. The walk parts were also good, but I have to practice that a bit more. Usually the focus is more on the trot and the canter” she continues. They received 7’5s for the half-passes and sevens for the extended canter. They immediately started the test very well with an 8.5 for the entry.

The judges were also pleased with the combination as they remarked “Beautiful, strong and good horse. How easy it is to pass the test”. Micky is quite happy with the Junior season, however, it is regrettable that they were not allowed to go to the European Championship due to one match. “My goal is to be able to ride just as well again next year and to participate in some international competitions. Of course I also want to ride well again at the observations for the European Championship ” stated Micky.

Micky is very passionate about her horse Grand Charmeur. She believes Grand Charmeur is different from other horses, it gives her exceptional feeling specially in the trot, “it feels like you’re flying” she states. She mainly rides Grand Charmeur and sometimes a young horse in the stable. “I would also like to develop the feeling of riding an inexperienced and young horse. I really enjoy doing that and it is very educational ”she concludes enthusiastically.

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