Equine law

In the legal field, equine law is considered a niche. For Schelstraete Advocaten, however, this is not the case.

With over 30 years of experience, we are a trendsetting firm in this field. Mr L.M. (Luc) Schelstraete, LLM, active at the time as a rider in dressage and combined competition sports, was asked with increasing frequency to answer legal questions related to the equine sport. Eventually, this led to several employees at the firm becoming active, on a daily basis, with many topics directly related to the equine sport such as:

•    drawing up contracts for the purchase and sale of horses and ponies, at a national and international level;

•    providing advice and assistance to clients in litigation relating to the purchase and sale of horses and/or ponies;

•    legal evaluations of veterinary reports involving the purchase and sale of horses and/or ponies;

•    the drafting and assessment of contracts concerning partnerships between horse owners, equestrian sport companies, sponsors and their riders/horsewomen;

•    assisting horse owners and/or riders in disciplinary proceedings at a national and an FEI level;

•    assisting veterinarians with legal matters;

•    advising and providing guidance to professional (equestrian) organisations in the civil law field.

We are extremely well-versed in the terminology and highly knowledgeable about the specific culture of those active in the equine sport, be it on a professional or amateur level. This familiarity with the sport, including the legal knowledge and experience of the veterinary aspects of this field, are necessary in order to properly advise and guide clients involved in these activities.

We are more aware than most of the latest developments in the field of international equine law.

As a result of this prominent position, we are often asked to provide lectures and classes related to this field, and we publish articles on a regular basis in both national and international trade magazines. Under the name European Law Review, we write a regular column for the global edition of BCM’s Horse International. Besides that, we also discuss legal cases on a weekly basis for the websites Horses International and Horses.nl.

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