Equine Law

Equine law

Schelstraete Lawyers has been a leading leader in equine law, or horse law, for more than 30 years. Our dedication extends to the immense and often complex legal field of the equine industry. With our expertise in this specific area of law, we provide sophisticated legal representation to equine athletes, horse owners, trainers, breeders, veterinarians and all those involved in the world of horses. We provide sound and realistic legal advice. Schelstraete Lawyers has specialist equine lawyers, or equine lawyers, who understand the importance of the time, money and emotion invested in horses, both amateur and professional.

Expertise in Equine law

Schelstraete Lawyers covers all aspects of international equine law, including negotiating contracts and resolving disputes arising from the purchase and sale of horses, as well as issues relating to joint ownership. We assist our clients in national and international disciplinary proceedings, including before the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) and the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). We have also been involved in cases involving doping and alleged abuse of horses. We provide advice to financial stakeholders in the horse industry, such as financing agreements with horse companies. In addition, we provide tax advice to individuals and entities involved in the international equine industry, for example in issues relating to VAT and cross-border transactions.

Advice in equine law

Whether you are an individual or represent an equine organisation, the expertise of our dedicated equine lawyers enables them to provide you with comprehensive legal advice to protect your interests.

Equine law terms

Equine laws: The term ‘equine laws’ refers to the collection of laws and regulations that apply specifically to horses and the horse industry.

Equine lawyer: An equine lawyer is a legal professional who specialises in dealing with legal issues related to horses, ranging from property matters to liability and litigation.

Law of the horse: ‘Law of the horse’, or horse law, is an informal term used to refer to the area of law that deals with legal issues relating to horses.

Horse law: ‘Horse law’ refers to the legal aspects related to horses, and can cover issues such as horse welfare, ownership, sales and liability.

Equine liability signs: ‘Equine liability signs’ refer to warning signs or signs placed in places where horses are present, to indicate potential liability and risks.

Equine attorney: an equine attorney is a lawyer who specialises in equine law and provides legal assistance to clients involved in the equine industry.

Equestrian lawyers: ‘Equestrian lawyers’ are lawyers who focus on legal matters specifically related to equestrian sports and the horse industry.

With this expertise in equestrian law, we are able to provide comprehensive legal advice and protect your interests, whether you are an individual or a representative of an equestrian organisation. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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