Vincent Zitman

Senior associate

Vincent leads the Litigation Section of Schelstraete and represents national and international clients in complex and cross-border litigation matters before various courts in The Netherlands.
Vincent studied the Dutch law at Tilburg University and obtained his Masters degree in 2007. He was admitted to the bar the same year and has been working in the field of Contract & Liability Law and Equine Law ever since. In 2017, he successfully completed the Post-Academic Course Company & Liabilities at the prestigious Grotius Academy in The Netherlands. He is also a member of the VASR, the Dutch Association for Liability Law.
Vincent has an extensive track record of successful litigation cases, many of these have been published.

Vincent has registered the legal practice area ‘Contract Law’ in the Dutch Bar’s register of legal practice areas. Based on this registration, he is required in accordance with the standards set by the Dutch Bar to obtain ten training credits per calendar year in this legal practice area.

When litigating one must remain vigilant and ready to deal with unexpected circumstances, remaining one step ahead of the opponent at all times. I abide by Dante Alighieri’s saying: “The secret to getting things done is to act!”.