Company law

Company law comprises a vast work field within which we handle cases involving the law of legal persons, commercial law, transactions yet also the law of obligations and contract law damages. We help make this broad, often complex professional field easier to comprehend through practical, creative and strategic advice regarding:

•    the incorporation of national and international company structures via legal persons and/or joint ventures;

•    providing advice and guidance for the sale or acquisition of companies in the form of shares and/or asset transactions or mergers, among others;

•    providing advice with regard to financing constructions and lending assistance in the management of credit and receivables (primarily debt collection in the Netherlands and abroad);

•    performing legal audits, whereby not only is the legal business structure optimised for the company owner in terms of the civil-legal aspects, but also long-term contracts such as employment contracts, financing contracts, lease agreements and contracts related to partnerships and/or competition are tailored to the rapidly developing legislation and jurisprudence;

•    franchise contracts;

•    labour law and rent law.