Laura ter Steeg

Advisor Compliance and Criminal Law

Laura obtained both her LLB degree (2014) and her Master’s degree in Criminal Law (2016) cum laude at the University of Utrecht.

She then gained work experience at the Midden-Nederland District Court, where she worked as a court clerk for many years. She started her career as a lawyer at a renowned criminal law firm. There she gained years of experience in extensive criminal proceedings. Since 2021, she has had her own office in Amsterdam.

Laura assists clients in numerous criminal law matters. For example, if the Public Prosecutor prosecutes the client as a suspect, if the client is called as a witness to be heard in a criminal case or if the client wishes to report a criminal offence.

The interests involved in criminal law are particularly great. Since there can be far-reaching encroachment on a citizen’s life, an expert lawyer in this area of law is indispensable. Laura is that lawyer par excellence, thanks to her experience, sharpness and passion.